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Hanking The Book
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J.T.  was born and raised in the drug infested Gem City (Dayton,Ohio) and became a product of his environment when he was introduced to the dope game and fast money that came along with it.  It did not take him long to get entrapped in the lifestyle and spoils that came with his riches.  But he quickly learned that the game loved No One  and found out just how treacherous the game could be.  Getting money comes with plenty of stories Good and Bad, so ride with him through the streets of the Gem City while he tells you what people will do for that paper. 






                    In Love With The Game


Is a story about the drug infested streets of Dayton,Ohio.  And a tale of how the heroin epidemic mangled the city, and produced some hustlers who were doing some big time hanking, and getting major money in the process.


Roscoe Evans was a dope boy's dope boy when he unexpectedly caught a ten year bid and had to lay it down.

He was on top when crack cocaine was the name of the game, but while he was down the game dramatically changed.  When he came home it was, either roll with it or get rolled over.  The choice was his.

He had made a promise that he wanted to keep, but he was confused and always had been about his paper.  So what is he supposed to do?

Keep his promise or eat and get some of the money that was flowing through the streets of the Gem City?

The streets and the game caused him to miss the love of his life and they both killed with no remorse.  But what will he do when his past unknowingly revisits him?

Imagine had love for her man, but she had to do what she thought was right.  She left Dayton hoping to never return, but would find herself having to come back when something unexpected happens and ends up causing her to have to do some explaining of her own.

If you can't love or trust the one you want, then love the game and ask yourself.






My Books


I am available for book signings and speaking engagements.  I also would like to hear from you.  Reviews and comments are greatly appreciated.

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